How I Met Your Mother: In defence of Last Forever

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This probably doesn’t need saying, but obviously from here on out there will be huge Season Nine spoilers for How I Met Your Mother.

March 31st saw How I Met Your Mother (which shall be now be known as HIMYM), one of the longest-running sitcoms since Friends, draw to a close with a two-parter that garnered very mixed response.

That’s probably being kind. It garnered mostly negative response.

Of course, there were positive responses, but these are few and far between.

I personally loved the finale. I thought it had the right balance of emotion and comedy, and ended the way that it should have done. Maybe because way back last May after the Season Eight finale, I made my predictions for the Series Finale, most of which turned out to be extremely true. The death of the mother, Tracy, was something I foresaw so having been basically building up to that for nearly a year, I was maybe more immune to her demise, as sad as it was. That’s not to say it wasn’t hard to watch and it wasn’t emotional, but since I saw it coming a mile off I wasn’t as shocked when he got back together with Robin.

Here’s where my defence starts. I present to you the most poignant final words of HIMYM, the words which I feel defended creators Craig Thomas and Carter Bays’ decision to kill off Tracy, which was made almost NINE years ago:

Penny: “That’s it?”

Ted: “That’s it.”

P: “No. I don’t buy it. That is not the reason you made us listen to this.”

T: “Oh really, then what’s the reason?”

P: “Let’s look at the facts here: you made us sit down and listen to this story about how you met mom, yet mom’s hardly in the story. No. This is the story about how you’re totally in love with Aunt Robin. And you’re thinking about asking her out and you wanna know if we’re okay with it.”

T: “I can’t believe this.I kept this story short, and to the point, and you guys still missed it. The point of the story is that…”

P: “Is that you totally, totally, totally have the hots for Aunt Robin!”

T: “No I don’t.”

P: “Yes, you do!”

T: “You’re grounded.”

Luke: “Wow, you are really into Aunt Robin.”

T: “You’re grounded too. Okay, suppose I were interested in Aunt Robin, it’s not like I’d do anything about it. I got you guys to think about.”

P: “Dad, we love Aunt Robin!”

L: “Whenever she comes over for dinner, you guys are so obvious.”

P: “Come on dad. Mom’s been gone for six years now. It’s time.”

T: “I just call her up on the phone and ask her out on a date?”

P + L: “Yes!”

T: “That’s something you guys want?”

P + L: “YES!”

It was never about Ted meeting Tracy. It was about how Ted wanted to move on and he can do that, but it took him six years and he wanted to make sure Penny and Luke were okay with him getting back together with Robin.

Why would he cover nine years in his story when he could have just done it from the moment he met her at Farhampton Station on the day of Robin and Barney’s wedding in 2014? He wanted his kids to know as much as possible about Robin.

He could never have married Robin from Day One, because as much as he loved her, he always wanted a family, but Robin always wanted to travel. Coupled with Robin’s unwillingness to have children, and later her infertility, it could just never be for Ted and Robin. Not yet.

After Tracy passed away, something which could and maybe should have been dealt with much better in the show, Ted took six years to get over it, similar to the way Tracy did in Season Nine, Episode 16 “How Your Mother Met Me”.

They could never just have Ted ending up with Robin through a divorce with Tracy, because this was true love, the girl he had spent nine plus years looking for. Death was the perfect scapegoat for the writers, meaning that Ted could have his family time for 10 years with Tracy, and then enter his (almost) post-kids life with Robin, the girl he loved for nine years but could never have.

I’d also recommend giving this a read, an article from, which shares the same views I do.

Soon I shall attack some things the finale did wrong, as well as look at Season Nine as a whole, but until then, stay strong. We will survive without HIMYM.