Who am I?

An 18 year old currently studying Sports Journalism in Preston, but Leeds will always be home.
I like pretty much every sport, as a sports journalist probably should, from more popular sports like football (both real and helmet) to the less “universally-liked” sports such as cricket. Sport is my life.
I also have a huge interest in other things outside of sport. Films are also one of my great loves, especially sci-fi and comedy. Which brings me to another part of my life: being a geek.
Geek, in this context, means sci-fi films and TV, comics, and just knowing random crap about them that other people don’t. This started about 2 years ago, about the same time as my film “obsession” (used somewhat loosely), and in July 2012 I made my way, with a friend, to the geek nirvana that is San Diego Comic Con. It cost an awful lot of money, starting with tickets (4-day plus preview night badges were £60, based on the exchange rate at the time), then factoring in somewhere to stay (went for a hostel. Couldn’t afford a hotel) and flights to San Diego made it a damn expensive trip. Doesn’t help that we went all out and went to Los Angeles for 8 days afterwards and New York for 5 more after that. Couldn’t justify flying 130 miles from “The Whale’s Vagina” to LA, so we took the stunning pacific coastline train there. Anyway, I digress.
All you need to know, really, is that sport is my life, but I am so much more than that.


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